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Bayport Mexico

Financiera Fortaleza, S.A. de C.V. (“Bayport Mexico”) is a Mexican non-bank financial institution that offers loans to low-income individuals with limited access to traditional financial services. Bayport Mexico’s clients use these loans for a variety of purposes, including small business, home improvements, education and healthcare expenses. According to a 2018 study conducted by the Mexican government, just 31% of Mexican adults made use of formal credit products. According to IMF the number of loan accounts with commercial banks per 1,000 adults was 545, compared to 911 in Spain, 818 in Chile, 1,628 in China and 2,423 in Brazil.

Bayport Mexico addresses this market gap by lending to individuals who, in general, cannot access credit from other sources. Unlike micro-loans, which often require loan officers to be physically present for collections, Bayport Mexico’s loans are repaid automatically through the borrower’s employer. This arrangement makes collections and loan monitoring more efficient and allows Bayport Mexico to offer lower interest rates to its clients. Bayport Mexico generates secondary impact outcomes by providing quality jobs, training, and attractive compensation to its team of over 1000 sales agents.

Bayport Mexico is a subsidiary of Bayport Management, Ltd. (“BML”), a financial services firm with operations in seven countries in Africa and two countries in Latin America. In aggregate, the Bayport Companies manage over US$1.1 billion in loans to 535,000 clients. Calvert Impact Capital acted as the lead arranger and is serving as the administrative agent for this deal.

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Impact Story

An entrepreneur in Oaxaca, Mexico

“A USD 1,700 loan allowed us to set up a small groceries store in our house. Now we can have an additional income besides our pension.” (entrepreneur in Oaxaca, Mexico)

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