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SA Taxi Holdings Proprietary Limited (“SA Taxi”) is a vertically integrated minibus taxi platform, utilizing specialist capabilities, enriched proprietary data and technology to provide developmental finance, insurance and other services. All these services empower Small and Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”) and create shared value opportunities thus enabling the sustainability of the minibus taxi industry.

SA Taxi Impact Fund (RF) Proprietary Limited, is one of the several credit providers in the SA Taxi group. SA Taxi has been a trusted partner to the fixed route minibus transport industry by financing these minibus taxis over the past 12 years and is the only financier that is solely focused on the minibus taxi industry. The business model has evolved as SA Taxi has extended across the value chain into insurance and recovery, but its vertical integration has culminated with an investment into telematics data, a dedicated dealership, SA Taxi Auto Parts and SA Taxi Auto Repairs, Africa’s largest workshop focused solely on minibus taxis. These additional services improve the entrepreneur’s ability to succeed as they assist the entrepreneur to maximize their cash flow and protect their income-generating taxi asset.

The empowerment of underserved and emerging entrepreneurs not only builds their individual business, but in turn creates further direct and indirect employment opportunities. This results in SA Taxi’s financing having a leveraged impact. Approximately 80% of SA Taxi clients have limited access to bank offerings and may not ordinarily qualify for credit in the formal banking sector. All of SA Taxi’s borrowers are black South Africans, with approximately 22% of customers on book being female and approximately 15% are youth, being individuals under the age of 35 years old.

Since 2008, SA Taxi’s financing activities have supported the creation of an estimated 91,000 SMEs, and more than 165,000 direct and 275,000 indirect jobs in a country with an unemployment rate of nearly 33%, according to Statistics South Africa. Given its position in the market, SA Taxi plays a key role in reducing the carbon footprint created by the South African minibus taxi industry with SA Taxi’s operating activities resulting in a 9.8% abatement of tCO2e. This abatement is primarily driven by financing newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles including replacing 14-seater vehicles with 16-seaters. In addition to all of SA Taxi’s financing activities, SA Taxi has a rewards program whereby any minibus taxi operator may obtain certain parts at significantly reduced prices. This encourages operators to keep their vehicle maintained, ultimately contributing to the safety of vehicles on the South African roads.

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Impact Story

Helping entrepreneurs grow

“SA Taxi has helped me to be where I am, because I was able to finance a new vehicle from them followed by a second. They have helped me grow a business.” --SA Taxi customer in a 2020 interview.

Impact Story

Helping women succeed


“Little by little, [taxi operators] are growing in business – now they know what business all is about. I have managed as a woman in the industry by listening to other people and adopting what is important to succeed.” --SA Taxi customer in a 2020 interview.

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