2015 Impact Report Launches

Last week a number of us were in San Francisco at the Social Capital Markets conference. It’s an annual gathering of impact investors, wealth advisors, foundations, social entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

As always, the panels and plenary speeches were wide-ranging, touching healthcare, storytelling, healthy foods, impact evaluation, conservation, gender equality, and so on.

Listening to the often theoretical conversations about how to direct more dollars to good things, one became clear to me: our Community Investment Note is how thousands of people are going beyond theory to action.

Our 2015 Social Impact Report, launched today, is reflective of the actions taken by thousands of investors who’ve chosen to invest through us.

Their investments—their actions—fund all the cool stuff that our portfolio partners do. The impact report (hopefully) captures that.

If you’re an investor, the report is evidence of the social good you financed last year. Thank you.

If you’re not an investor, we invite you to dip a toe. Make a $20 investment.

I hope you enjoy the report. If you have any feedback on it, email me at