Former President and CEO, Lisa Hall welcomes new CEO, Jenn Pryce

Calvert Foundation Appoints Jenn Pryce President and CEO

Lisa Hall to Lead a New Global Impact Initiative, Calvert Foundation Board Appoints Jennifer Pryce as New President and CEO

Calvert Foundation’s Board of Directors announced today that Chief Strategy Officer Jennifer Pryce will be the organization’s new President and CEO upon the departure of Lisa Hall, who is leaving Calvert Foundation to join a large European family office. While Ms. Pryce will assume the role of President and CEO effective immediately, Ms. Hall will stay on as Strategic Advisor through mid-October. Both leaders wanted to take this opportunity to share some thoughts on this news, the transition, and the exciting times ahead.

From Lisa Hall:

It’s with many mixed emotions that I’ll be leaving Calvert Foundation to step into a newly-created position, Managing Director of Impact Investing, for a family office in Europe where I will build a portfolio focused on social, environmental and financial returns. I’m excited about the opportunity ahead and saddened to be leaving such a great group of people and such a great organization. I am also proud of Calvert Foundation’s accomplishments over the past eight years since I joined the organization. We've grown our assets from $122 million in 2005 to nearly $400 million today, creating jobs, building homes, and improving lives in the process.

For the past four years, Jenn and I have worked closely together, helping to shape the organization’s direction and business strategy. Since 2010, she has served on the senior management team, led the Strategic Initiatives team, and was responsible for launching the Women Investing in Women Initiative (WIN-WIN). She brings incredible leadership skills, strategic vision, and fresh energy to this position. Under Jenn's able leadership, I know that Calvert Foundation will continue to push boundaries, innovate, and fulfill its important mission to empower investors to empower communities.

From Jenn Pryce:

As all of us will, I will truly miss Lisa's steady leadership and the countless contributions she's made to Calvert Foundation during our most recent evolution. During Lisa’s tenure and since becoming our President and CEO in 2010, Calvert Foundation has deepened its role as a global leader in impact investing and has remained an enduring voice for social change. Although Lisa is leaving Calvert Foundation and physically relocating to Europe, she will continue to be a valuable player in the social impact investing space.

Working closely with Lisa as a member of Calvert Foundation’s senior management team over the past four years has allowed me to be involved in strategy and business decisions, as well as our stakeholder relationships across the organization. It’s also helped me develop a respect and understanding for the meaningful work that our staff does every day to make the mission of Calvert Foundation a reality.

The vision I hold for Calvert Foundation is the same one Lisa led with: empowering investors to empower communities. Calvert Foundation is a unique asset in the financial universe – beyond impact investing -- giving investors an easy, accessible way to invest their money with intentional social impact. We support the raising and delivery of capital that creates opportunity and equality for all, thus making the world a better place. I am excited by the opportunity to lead such a visionary organization with the potential to contribute to solutions to some of our greatest challenges. Our world needs ideas like Calvert Foundation to succeed.

Please join me as we wish Lisa well on her new and exciting journey. I look forward to building upon her success by working with all of our partners in the field, investors everywhere, and the entire Calvert Foundation family.