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Celebrating Six Months, $14 Million for Women

For the past two years I’ve been part of Calvert Foundation’s marketing team, working mainly on video profiles of the people on whose behalf we work. The visual elements typically come from colleagues on the lending side, or as stock footage from our partners. But recently, while in Los Angeles on vacation, I had an opportunity to meet with the folks “on the ground” – the people whose lives are being transformed because of our efforts. I’ve got to say, it was impressive. I spent the day with Channa Grace and the WORKS organization – Women Organizing Resources Knowledge and Services. WORKS is part of our WIN-WIN portfolio, and it’s the little engine that could: Grace is part modern-day saint, part Energizer Bunny. In concert with her unshakably devoted staff she has provided affordable housing and nutritional services to members of society that others have left behind. About a million stories could come out of WORKS – each more impressive than the last. Today, on the six-month anniversary of WIN-WIN, we bring you one: a look at three gutsy young women whose lives flipped because of the magic worked by WORKS – and its behind-the-scenes-friends.