Changing Markets, Changing Minds: Our 2018 Impact Report

Our 2018 Impact Report: Changing Markets, Changing Minds is now live!

The impact report is part of our ongoing effort to provide authentic and transparent reporting to our investors and industry partners on the social, environmental, and financial impact of the capital we channel from our investors in the global capital markets, through our borrowers, into communities across the globe.

Each year, we collect impact data from our borrowers and other sources, analyze that data for key trends, and report our findings to our investor community. This year, we’ve built on the work outlined in our 2017 Impact Report, where we announced our Impact Measurement & Management Framework and three layers of impact: Investor Impact, Portfolio Impact, and Community Impact.

This year we dug deeper into Portfolio Impact and provided insight into how we truly evaluate the impact our capital has on our borrowers, by helping them Build, Grow, and Sustain their operations and impact. We also bring you fresh new qualitative data in the form of case studies on four of our borrowers whose impact we have helped build, grow, and/or sustain. You can learn more about our Build, Grow, Sustain Framework in the Impact on Borrowers section of the report.

We also took a deeper dive into Investor and Community Impact this year: we weaved in findings from our 2018 Investor Survey, highlighted key achievements accomplished with our Syndication services, and provided even more impact data broken out sector-by-sector. Importantly, we also featured how our work contributes to the SDGs – both on a sector level and a strategic, market-building level.

Check out the report and join us in building a better functioning, more inclusive economy for individuals, communities, and our planet.

If you have any feedback about the report, please email and I will respond to you.