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Exploring global health: a new sector for Calvert Foundation

Opportunities and Challenges for Global Health Impact Investors

Calvert Foundation, in partnership with IPIHD, Duke’s SEAD and CASE programs, and Investors’ Circle, recently conducted a landscaping effort to better understand the current activity of impact investors in global health. This review included conversations with over thirty active investors across East Africa and/or India who are currently exploring or actively investing in the health sector. We conducted this research in order to better understand the current opportunities and challenges that investing in the sector presents, with hopes that Calvert Foundation can grow its portfolio in this critical field.

What we found was an increasingly active group of cross-sector actors interested in finding private sector solutions to build stronger health systems in emerging markets. We think this interest, combined with the growing consumer demand and lack of current access to capital, highlights the need for impact investors, including us at Calvert Foundation, to look more intentionally at channeling responsive capital to enterprises, funds, and intermediaries in the health sector.

In the coming weeks and months we will be actively exploring opportunities to create a portfolio of investments in health, and we’re excited to share our progress along the way. Stay tuned!

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