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Calvert Foundation staff lead financial advisors on a tour of redeveloped homes in New Orleans in 2012

Impact Investing for "Toe-dippers"

At Calvert Foundation we are committed to "democratizing" the field of impact investing. We believe that by creating easy ways for individuals to invest according to their values, we're helping to build a broader movement.

This movement has implications for large institutional investors like university endowments and pension funds, as well.

As individuals take steps to become impact investors themselves, they are more likely to put pressure on the institutions they belong to, represent, work for, and support to also think critically about the impact of their investment portfolios. We are seeing examples of this today with the student movement and the decision of Calstrs to divest from all firearms holdings in the wake of the Sandy Hook incident.

Recently we were interviewed by Financial Advisor Magazine about our role in bringing "easy-to-use" impact investing tools to financial advisors and their clients. Among financial advisors, we are often seen as a natural first step for investors looking to dip their toes into the world of impact investing. Over the years, we've seen many advisors and their clients begin with a small investment in a Community Investment Note, and graduate to targeted portfolios supporting the causes most important to them.

We're proud to provide that bridge from impact investing "toe-dipper" to impact investing extraordinaire. We hope you'll take a moment to read the article in Financial Advisor Magazine, and share with us any thoughts on your own personal journey in impact investing.