Image courtesy of African Local Currency Bond Fund

Introducing our new portfolio list

Last week we expanded the Portfolio section of our website with the launch of a new portfolio list: essentially a database of all the organizations we finance, along with their impact sectors, geographies, and the year we began working with them. Each organization has its own page, with summary information and content that demonstrates the impact of their work. If you want to drill down to something specific, you can search and sort by sector, location, and initiative.

We hope this simple tool enables visitors to understand the breadth and depth of the work we finance—and enables investors to understand the incredible reach of their dollars when they invest in our Community Investment Note.

Since 1995 we've financed hundreds of nonprofits, funds, intermediaries, social enterprises, and projects that create measurable impact in the communities they serve. This list only reflects our current holdings, so it will change quarter over quarter as organizations enter and leave our portfolio. But what remains constant is our commitment to financing organizations that create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Love it? Hate it? This is a work in progress, so feel free to email me your thoughts.