Join the WIN-WIN Investment Movement

Today we're in New York at the Cookstoves Future Summit, a global gathering hosted by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. The event marks the opening of our second round of fundraising for the Women Investing in Women Initiative (WIN-WIN), which will spur global development and distribution of cookstoves and other clean energy products.

During our WIN-WIN pilot, launched in 2012, we learned that cookstoves and clean energy products like solar lanterns create a tremendous benefit to the health of women in developing countries. Recognizing the need to increase adoption of these technologies, we're partnering with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and others to lend $20 million to organizations and enterprises that create and distribute clean cookstoves, solar lighting, and other clean products. Over time, we expect the initiative to grow to support more systemic energy needs; micro electrical grids at the village level, for example.

At the Clinton Global Initiative in September we made that goal a formal commitment, and are now building the portfolio and spreading the word about the initiative.

The technology behind cookstoves and solar lights is fairly straightforward, but the accessibility of these products is still limited by lack of financing. Your investment in WIN-WIN will help connect consumers in developing countries with these products, thereby improving the health and wellness of women worldwide.

Invest to help us meet the $20 million goal!