Our 2017 Impact Report

We are very excited to announce the release of our 2017 Impact Report!

Each year we reach out to our borrowers for data on the social and environmental outputs and outcomes they have achieved over their most recently completed fiscal year. After we sense-check this data, we aggregate and analyze to determine the most salient data points that demonstrate progress and impact across the nine sectors of our portfolio. We pair this with qualitative data and stories from our borrowers and their clients.

methodology-imgThis year, our Impact Report is slightly different. As impact management enthusiasts we are constantly looking for new methods to measure our work and better understand our impact. We know that this is an ever-evolving practice across the impact investing industry, reflective of the complexity and inventive nature of this work. For years we have been reporting on the impact our borrowers have on the communities they serve, but we know that there is also impact across other facets of our work. Through our engagement with investors and relationships with our borrowers there are outputs and outcomes that are equally as important to collect and evaluate so that we can better understand our progress.

As we continue to develop our impact measurement, we are developing a framework that strives to encompass all dimensions of our work. You will see this multi-dimensional approach in this Impact Report. We are excited about these break-throughs that are further developing our impact measurement, humbled by the impactful work of our borrowers, and grateful to our investors who are ultimately driving this work. We hope that you enjoy reading the report and are as inspired as we are to continue investing for social and environmental good.