Our new investment platform goes live

You might have seen or heard about Amazon's "Sorry something went wrong" pages, which feature cute dog photos. This was a common appearance when their site was overwhelmed during the biggest online shopping day in history a couple weeks ago, leaving many frustrated customers.

While Calvert Impact Capital is quite a different company from Amazon, we know that our online investment platform also frustrated some users at times (and didn't have any cute dog photos). So, we've listened to our investors' feedback and leveraged newer technology to launch a simpler, safer, and more capable investment platform.

The improvements include:

  • Simplified design: We heard that the colors and pictures of our old platform were overwhelming, so we've tried to simplify the design and user interface. Investors will still receive impact stories and updates through our standard reporting and communications.

  • Easier bank account linking: Users can now link bank accounts more securely and quickly, either instantly or by micro-deposits, and control which accounts make and receive transfers.

  • Transaction management: You'll receive a notification ahead of every Note transaction—e.g. an interest payment—to choose what you'd like to happen, select which accounts you'd like to direct your funds to; and you will receive instant confirmations via email.

  • Targeting/impact preferences: Based on investor suggestions, we've moved targeting from an individual Note level to an account level, so you can easily manage and update them in one place.

  • Security: To continue protecting your sensitive data, we've upgraded to the latest security standards, added various levels of encryption, committed to continuous testing, and more.

We hope the above improvements (and others still in the works), will improve your investor experience. Calvert Impact Capital will be conducting ongoing user testing, so please let us know if you would like to participate. We have earned investors' trust over the past thirty years by always putting their dollars to work for good and repaying them on time. We hope the updates to our platform will further cement the trust investors have placed in us.

We are extremely grateful for both the feedback investors have provided, and the patience they've granted while we've incorporated their feedback into our platform. We don't have Amazon's resources and we don't have cute dog photos (at least not yet), but we are committed to doing all we can to make investing with Calvert Impact Capital a better experience. Please let us know what you think!