Credit: UN Development Program

Support for the Flood Victims of Pakistan

This year will be remembered for two of the greatest natural disasters in decades. In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, we are now in the midst of a flood that has resulted in over 1,600 deaths, the displacement of millions of people, and the dissolution of infrastructure making the delivery of essentials nearly impossible. Whereas the Haitian disaster was met with an overwhelming positive international response, the Pakistani flood has been slow to attract aid dollars. Advocates like UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-Moon, have been leading a call to action. Problems are shifting quickly from the immediate danger of flood waters, to the prolonged threat of disease and lack of access to water. The region requires immediate action, and of course, more long term action as well.

Calvert Foundation is eager explore its role in providing support to the aid community. Through our Calvert Giving Fund we are mobilizing donor dollars to organizations that are directly contributing to the relief effort. We invite you to take a look at some of the organizations who are doing relief work in the area. They all have some great information on their websites relating to specific relief efforts.

In addition, we are continually brainstorming new ways to involve our organization in disaster relief. Though we are not a grant making institution, we do see a role for affordable, patient capital in the long term redevelopment of post disaster societies. We hope to provide social investors with new tools to positively influence the rebuilding of these countries in the resilient nature of their citizens. Please join us in thinking about what you can do to help the displaced and suffering in Pakistan.