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$175 Million for Impact from Mainstream Financial Advisors

Our partner Incapital announced yesterday that they've distributed $175 million of our Community Investment Notes through their sales platform. Calvert Foundation's unique relationship with Incapital enables investors to buy Community Investment Notes in their brokerage accounts, making the Note the only impact investment available at hundreds of mainstream brokerage firms. Since the onset of our partnership in 2005, we've seen an enormous relative increase in sales of our Note through brokerages, which now represent nearly 80% of our total sales. We think this growth indicates more mainstream acceptance of impact investing within the traditional wealth management industry. Impact investing organizations must find ways to accelerate this trend because it's the only way we'll ever truly achieve scale, and more importantly, the impact that comes with that scale. Our commitment to better understanding and serving the wealth management industry is evident in the research we completed with several partners last year. Gateways to Impact seeks to identify challenges and solutions for financial advisors interested in incorporating sustainable and impact investments into client portfolios.