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WINWIN: Building an Inclusive Investment Community

At Calvert Foundation, we believe deeply in the value of inclusion in the investment ecosystem. For the past 17 years, we have been hard at work creating opportunities for all investors to express their values through their financial practices. This work has helped build bridges between investors and the communities they care about. Recently, we've recognized the power of providing our investors with the opportunity to support specific sectors or initiatives that they care about most, whether that may be the environment, education, healthcare - you name it. We believe that by creating targeted investment opportunities, we can galvanize communities and create movements.

Our first experiment in this work was launched last year with the creation of the Women Investing in Women Initiative (WINWIN). We recognized the important and growing role of women as catalysts in global and local economies, and we set out to create an investment opportunity that would serve and empower women entrepreneurs around the world. Since March of last year, we've raised and deployed nearly $10 million in support of this effort - a demonstration of the power of bridge-building and connecting investors to communities they care about. Below is a short talk at TEDxWhitehallWomen from Suzanne Biegel, an early and steadfast supporter of WINWIN. Among other things, she explores her own journey as an impact investor, and she examines the deepened perspective that benefits us all when we build a more inclusive investment community. Suzanne speaks in the true spirit of WINWIN. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.