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Announcing Our 2019 Impact Report

We are excited to announce the release of our 2019 Impact Report: Connecting Capital and Communities.

This past April, we signed onto the Operating Principles for Impact Management (the Principles), which aim to ensure that impact considerations are integrated into the entire investment lifecycle—from deal sourcing to exit or repayment—and that lessons learned are continuously incorporated into portfolio management. In line with this commitment to authentic and transparent impact reporting, we bring you our 2019 Impact Report, which includes deeper insights into the steps we take to measure and manage the impact that we have on our investors, our borrowers, the environment, and in communities.

Each year, we collect impact data from our borrowers and other sources, analyze the data for key trends, and report our findings to our investor community. In our 2019 Impact Report, we provide even more data on our investor, portfolio, and community impact through updated data, graphics, and case studies.

We also spotlight our work on gender equity, featuring our report, “Just Good Investing: Why gender matters to your portfolio and what you can do about it.” We know that there can be no discussion about achieving the Sustainable Development Goals without discussing gender and hope that our report can help others effectively – and easily – invest with a gender lens. Additionally, we provide gender-disaggregated metrics across our portfolio and take a deeper look at gender equity in renewable energy.

Importantly, our 2019 Impact Report discloses the methodology of our impact practice, and how we embed our impact measurement and management (IMM) tools within each step of our investment process. This section specifically outlines how we conduct our IMM practice in line with each of the nine Operating Principles for Impact Management.

As we approach our 25th anniversary next year, we have highlighted some key industry accomplishments that we seek to build upon in the coming years, as well as lessons learned throughout the past year. Furthermore, we’re excited to introduce a new section of the report that showcases our Calvert Impact Capital staff—the people that help make this impact possible every day.

Check out the report and join us in working to connect capital to the communities that need it most.

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