Impact Management

Impact Measurement & Management is essential to everything we do

Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) is the ongoing practice of measuring and improving our impact, so that we can reduce the negative and maximize the positive.

Standardization and clarity of IMM practices is critical for impact investing to grow and we are proud to align with and contribute to industry-leading best practices for IMM.

For an in-depth look into our IMM practices, check out our most recent Impact Management Disclosure and our Impact Report.

Check out our IMM resources below to learn more. Questions? Reach out to to connect.

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Find out how we measure and manage impact, read our latest Impact Management Disclosure, and check out additional resources below.

Operating Principles for Impact Management

The Impact Principles created a market standard by which all signatories must measure, monitor, verify, and disclose their impact. Learn more about the Impact Principles on our blog, read our Impact Disclosure Statement, and check out this short video on how our practices align with Principle #4: Assess the expected impact of each investment, based on a systematic approach.

To hear more about how the Impact Principles have improved impact management practice, opened up opportunities for impact investing to scale, and provided the necessary impact infrastructure for investors to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with integrity, watch a recording of the panel moderated by our CEO Jenn Pryce, with representatives from the Impact Principles, the GIIN, FMO, Nuveen, and BlueOrchard.

For more information on how Calvert Impact approaches Principle #7: Conduct exits considering the effect on sustained impact, check out the Impact Principles Webinar on Responsible Exits, which features a panel including our Director of Impact Management, Caitlin Rosser.

For more information on Principle #9, watch the recording of the virtual event hosted by Tideline and The Rockefeller Foundation, Impact Investing's Next Chapter: Integrity Through Assurance. Tideline led an engaging discussion on why impact verification is key to scaling the market with integrity, with panelists including Calvert Impact's in-house IMM expert Caitlin Rosser.

Impact Frontiers Collaboration

Our participation in the Impact Frontiers Collaboration, a learning cohort with 13 other impact investors that has now grown into a network of global investors, helped us advance our impact management practices in a way that is fully integrated with financial risk and return:

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