Meet our partner: Envirofit

Today over 2.5 million people breathe healthier air, spend less time and money on cooking fuel, place a smaller demand on their forests, and emit less greenhouse gases.

Why, you ask? Meet Calvert Foundation partner Envirofit – a producer and distributor of clean cook stoves and solar lighting products for impoverished communities in developing countries. The clean cook stove has been recognized as a breakthough innovation by leading global institutions focused on reducing carbon emissions and promoting better health outcomes in developing countries. Take a peek at the video below to hear from Jayne Kabura, the Director of St. Pauls Orphanage in Karen, Kenya on how clean cook stoves have benefited their community.

Envirofit’s holistic approach contributes to improved public health, environmental sustainability, and job creation through the design and distribution products that are in high demand in poor communities. We are incredibly proud to be supporting such an inventive organization. _On behalf of the thousands of investors in our Community Investment Note{target="blank"}, last month we invested an additional $1 million to help Envirofit grow their footprint and impact, bringing our total investment to $2.5 million.

Please join us in celebrating this tremendous organization and learn more about their approach and impact here. They also have a great YouTube channel, which they use to host video tutorials on how to operate the stoves (like the one below).

To learn more about the global impact of clean cook stoves check out the Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation.