Landmark Transactions

We innovate to build and expand impact markets

Calvert Impact Capital invests in sectors and geographies where needs are not met by traditional capital markets. These sectors and geographies, as well as the businesses operating within them and the customer segments they serve, are often unfamiliar to traditional capital providers. They don’t fit into standard templates or operational boxes that traditional capital providers use, and as a result, are often perceived as “too risky,” making it difficult for capital to flow to the organizations that create social and environmental change.

Our job is to change that.

Our track record and scale have enabled us to catalyze debt markets in new sectors (e.g., off-grid renewable energy), help build new financial structures (e.g., the first blue bond), and scale mature sectors (e.g., microfinance). We are committed to building and strengthening markets, creating the infrastructure that enables capital to flow from investors to communities that need it. This often means doing what hasn't been done before – creating new structures, developing new strategies, diving into new sectors – and paving the way for more investors to follow.

Recent landmark transactions include:

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The Forest Resilience Bond funds a forest restoration project protecting 15,000 acres of forestland in the North Yuba River, CA watershed using ecologically based tree thinning, meadow restoration, prescribed burning, and invasive species management—all specifically designed to reduce the risk of severe fire, improve watershed health, and protect water resources.