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In Support of the Paris Climate Agreement

This past weekend leaders of the G20 nations met at their annual summit where the topic of climate change and the Paris Climate Agreement was of high priority. The Paris Agreement, signed in April 2016, is the world's first comprehensive climate agreement, with the ultimate end goal of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and reducing the overall global temperature through nationally-determined contributions. The agreement represents the convergence of governments, environmentalists, corporations, and individuals in working towards a healthier climate.

Climate change is real, and the health of our planet is in danger. Here at Calvert Foundation, we champion efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and actively support these through our financing. You will see that our portfolio includes several intermediaries, projects, and funds that are working across renewable energy, environmental sustainability, and sustainable agriculture.

Over our 22-year history investing in these sectors, we have found that environmental impact is closely tied to economic development. As we know from natural disaster reports, climate change directly impacts communities and disproportionately affects those living in poverty. Here in the U.S. and across the world people are losing jobs, housing, access to quality health, education, and more as a result of climate change. In order for us to reach our social impact goals, it is vital that we also support environmental impact goals.

In alignment with our mission and work, we stand by the Paris Agreement and ask that our leaders do the same. That is why we have signed an official letter urging G20 and G7 leaders to uphold our commitment to the Paris Agreement and drive forward its implementation. We stand alongside over 390 other impact investors, many who are our own investors, borrowers, partners, and friends, who share the same passion and commitment for financing social and environmental good around the world.

To view the full letter and the list of signatories, click here. See here for the press release.

Although the G20 summit has now come to an end, we continue to carry out our message in this letter. It is vital that our leaders and governments push forward solutions to climate change. To complement this, we, as the private sector, also have a role to play in the way that we invest and channel capital.