Environmental Sustainability

We invest in efforts to conserve the planet’s natural resources to address climate change and its adverse effects on communities

Earth’s natural resources are being depleted at alarming rates, largely due to increasing populations and consumption. Alongside this, pollution and effects of climate change further burden our environment and society. Those who are most vulnerable to these issues are poorer populations, particularly in developing countries. Addressing this challenge will require global cooperation, across the private and public sectors, in addition to trillions of dollars in public and private investment.

The sustainable management of natural resources, decreased dependency on fossil fuels and proliferation of climate adaptation practices will reduce GHG emissions and improve environmental diversity and abundance, while meeting basic human needs and minimizing adverse effects on human health and well-being. To fill this need, we invest in intermediaries, funds, and other financing structures that provide flexible catalytic capital to managers or projects implementing climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, and sustainable management of resources.

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The Forest Resilience Bond funds a forest restoration project protecting 15,000 acres of forestland in the North Yuba River, CA watershed using ecologically based tree thinning, meadow restoration, prescribed burning, and invasive species management—all specifically designed to reduce the risk of severe fire, improve watershed health, and protect water resources.