Sustainable Agriculture

We invest in projects that increase food security and promote economic development through sustainable agricultural practices

Around 70% of the world’s poor live in rural areas, where they are heavily dependent on agriculture for income, employment, and survival. Such agricultural communities face many challenges, including limited viable financial options and unpredictable weather changes. Today, climate change is contributing to crop depletion, degradation of land, and clean water limitations, all which pose serious challenges to keeping up with agricultural demand and sustaining rural livelihoods. These problems are compounded when large corporations exploit agriculture labor and unfair trade policies are put in place, which results in an unequal distribution of capital to agriculture-based communities.

By connecting farmers with more robust, consistent economic opportunities and strengthening global food supply chain systems, we can help to improve sustainable livelihoods for agricultural producers and contribute to greater global food security.

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With the financial support of Banco Davivienda, a borrower of the Fund, Upala Agricola grows and exports sustainable pineapples produced according to environmental best practices. The company utilized an environmental risk matrix to identify potential impacts of pineapple cultivation based on soil studies and landscape assessments.