5 Things to know about our Impact Investors: 2018 Edition

Every two years, we conduct an investor survey that is focused on understanding the motivations and challenges of our investor base and how we can serve them better. In 2018, we broadened the survey to gather insights from the broader impact investing community in addition to our investor community. We aligned the survey with our impact measurement framework and expanded it to include questions about investor motivations, communications preferences, thoughts on the impact investing industry, and broader investment portfolio decisions. We wanted the results of this survey to not just help us in our work, but also provide feedback that the entire impact investing industry can utilize.

Download the Survey Report and Investor Infographic, and read on for our key findings.

1. Our investors are diverse in terms of type, age, wealth, and income.

Our investors range from the individual investor dipping their toe into impact investing to nonprofits and family offices who want to manage their assets for impact. Our individual investors also vary in terms of demographics; they range from centennials and millennials to baby boomer and the silent generation, from those just starting their careers and building their investment portfolios to those about to retire with a robust investment portfolio. Check out the infographic for a more detailed breakdown of who these investors are.

2. They are highly engaged with the Note.

This survey demonstrated that our investors are highly engaged with our flagship product – the Community Investment Note – and rely on the Note as not only a gateway to impact investing, but a core part of their impact investing strategies. 47% of respondents stated the Note was their first cause-based or impact investment and 43% stated the Note is their only impact investment. 85% of respondents stated they would consider investing with us in the future. In addition, our investors hold their Notes for an average of 9.6 years and reinvest at a 91% reinvestment rate – meaning that investors see the value in reinvesting their Notes and continuously investing in our mission.

3. Their top issue of concern is climate change.

When asked to choose the top 3 issue areas that they care most about, the issues rated as most important by the total group were related to mitigating climate change: environmental sustainability, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture. In fact, when looking at different demographic cross cuts, environmental sustainability was rated as the #1 issue in every single demographic group and far surpassed the second most rated issue area (renewable energy).

4. Millennials make up only 20% of the overall respondent group and generally reported having less money in their investment portfolios, but responded more passionately overall when asked about the things they cared about.

For example, 88% of millennials said that they invest to support a cause or issue they are passionate about versus 72% of overall respondents. 83% of millennials stated they intended to increase the allocation of their investment portfolios to impact products versus 73% of overall respondents. And millennial women rated gender equity as a top concern at 3x the rate of other investor respondents.

5. Our investors provided us with great insight into how we can better engage them and the financial advisors they work with.

We drafted our Survey Report around these insights to offer three major calls to action to enable the impact investing industry to move more money for more impact. Check out the report to learn more and take action!