Press Release

Calvert Impact releases 2023 Impact Report: 'Demonstrate, Educate, Transform'

Nov 07, 2023 | Bethesda, MD

Calvert Impact announced the publication of its 2023 Impact Report, "Demonstrate, Educate, Transform." The report showcases Calvert Impact's portfolio partners' work in communities around the globe and the impact of its investors' capital. It also highlights key internal trends, including particularly noteworthy increases in Calvert Impact's climate and small business portfolios.

"The theme of this year's report represents fundamental elements of our work at Calvert Impact: demonstrating that it is possible for everyday investors to use their investment portfolios to drive solutions to social and environmental challenges and educating the broader market on impact trends to ultimately transform the capital markets," said Calvert Impact President and CEO Jennifer Pryce. "The report shows the power of partnering with organizations across the financial industry to invest in communities."

In the last year, according to the report, Calvert Impact's capital served nearly 150 million individuals across the U.S. and the world. It disbursed $141 million to portfolio partners that, on a combined basis, then disbursed $9 billion to end clients in 2022.

Calvert Impact's continued dedication to financing climate solutions is apparent in the report, a commitment that began in 2014. Over the last year, 8.5 million solar products were financed and nearly 650,000 acres of land were managed sustainably thanks to capital from Calvert Impact and its partners. The initial portfolio impact of the recently launched Cut Carbon Note, a new product that finances sustainable building construction and upgrades, will provide $21.6 million in lifetime energy savings and over 82,000 metric tons of lifetime carbon savings.

The report also showcases Calvert Impact's commitment to supporting small businesses. In 2022, the flagship Community Investment Note portfolio financed 3.3 million small businesses around the world, and Calvert Impact's targeted Small Business Programs supported almost 6,000 businesses across its five funds in 19 states and D.C., work that is now being expanded through the State Small Business Credit Initiative.

Throughout the report, there is a focus on Calvert Impact's work to advance gender and racial equity, finance quality, affordable housing, and support community and economic development, microfinance, education, and health.

Calvert Impact's Director of Impact Management, Caitlin Rosser, who led the development of the report, said, "The growth of our products and impact we're having on behalf of our investors is exciting, and it is critically important to support this work at a time when inequality and the threats of climate change continue to grow."

Additional information about the report can be found here.