Success Stories

Our impact continues even after our portfolio partners repay

Calvert Impact invests in sectors and geographies whose needs are not met by traditional capital markets. We work with the organizations who operate within these sectors and geographies to help them grow their operations and establish a positive record of performance, repayment, and returns. With a successful track record, they can prove their business models and ideally attract more capital from traditional capital providers to further scale their work. When organizations in our Community Investment Note portfolio can go directly to mainstream financiers, this sometimes means they do not need our capital anymore and they "graduate" out of our portfolio. We consider this a success!

We have created short case studies, available below, to share insights gleaned from our partners' successes. Scroll below to learn more.


We lent capital to former portfolio partner MCE Social Capital for 15 years. Artemio Tello (pictured) works with Inka Moss, an MCE client, to source, process, and export 100% organic moss than grows naturally in the Peruvian Andes.

Pioneering new impact management practices

We are promoting Success Stories as an Impact Principles best practice

Capturing lessons learned from our Community Investment Note portfolio is also a critical way that we align our impact management practices with the Operating Principles for Impact Management, specifically Principles 7 (conducting exits considering the effect on sustained impact) and 8 (improving decision making based on lessons learned). For more information on our impact management practice, see our latest Impact Disclosure.