Syndication & Structuring Services

We offer a suite of syndication and structuring services to move more money into communities

Greenline - Everytable Greenline Ventures' Small Business Capital Fund lends to Everytable – a B Corp-certified social enterprise with a mission to make nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all. From their Los Angeles base, Everytable creates fresh and nutritious meals that are distributed to their various retail locations – many in food deserts or underserved communities. Everytable’s variable pricing model allows them to set affordable prices in each neighborhood they operate in.



Total $ Syndicated

$550+ million

Deals Syndicated


Available to

Institutional lenders


US and International

Participating Co-Lenders


Sectors Served

Affordable Housing, Community Development, Renewable Energy, Environmental Sustainability, Microfinance, Small Business

How it Works

We originate, structure, facilitate, and administer private debt transactions for institutional lenders looking for exposure in private credit. These services help mission-driven organizations raise and manage capital more efficiently while providing unique access to deals for lenders. Targeted loan or facility sizes range from $30 million to $200 million and can take the form of syndications or participations. Interested institutional lenders are invited to participate in these deals at a minimum commitment of $1 million. Calvert Impact Capital often holds a portion of the syndicated loan.

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Experience To Date

As of October 2023, we have raised and/or administered over $812 million from 87 total lenders for our borrowers and other community intermediaries. These include transactions across geographies (both domestic and international) and impact sectors with a wide variety of lenders, including financial institutions, foundations, and family offices. In 2020, we expanded our syndication services to include structuring and capital raising for the Small Business Recovery Funds.

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For interested lenders:

Our syndicated deals are available to institutional lenders only. The minimum commitment is typically $1 million. If you would like more information, please reach out to us at with "Syndication Services" in the subject line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our syndication services expand on our existing work to more actively move money to meet the evolving needs of the communities we serve. We aggregate capital from multiple lenders interested in private loans to support the scaling of mission-driven organizations. Calvert Impact targets deals in the range of $30 million-$200 million and often participates as a lender.

As both impact investors and impact markets mature, we see a need for the facilitation of larger, broader, and more efficient flows of capital that can supplement our own lending appetite and are aligned with our lending objectives. Our syndication services create a one-stop solution by originating, structuring, facilitating, and administering loans to mission-driven organizations, easing the capital raising process by connecting them with a syndicate of lenders who are looking for exposure to high-quality, risk-appropriate deals that generate social, environmental and financial returns.

Our syndication services solve one of the growing challenges for institutional lenders looking to lend to mission-driven organizations in today’s marketplace by providing them access to loan products that meet a diverse range of risk/return profiles, geographies, and sectors for their private debt portfolios.

Our syndicated deals are available to institutional lenders only. The minimum commitment is typically $1 million.

Mission-driven organizations seeking larger capital rounds face a complex, time-consuming process that typically requires raising funds from multiple capital sources, increasing transaction costs and timeframes. Our syndication services reduce this headache by structuring a loan on behalf of a larger syndicate of lenders who have expressed interest in financing these types of transactions. This allows the entity raising capital to liaise primarily with one lead lender instead of managing relationships across multiple parties.

Our syndication services are aligned with our overall mission of driving greater private capital participation in mission-driven organizations to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Or, in short, to make impact more investable.

The Community Investment Note® is a retail security available to all US residents. The loan product offered through our syndications service is a commercial loan rather than a security or an investment. The syndicated loan offers lenders the opportunity to lend directly to mission-driven organizations in and outside of our portfolio (allowing the lender to target specific geographies, sectors or businesses), and offers deal-specific terms that differ from the Community Investment Note.

Not at all. In fact, these services are a natural expansion of Calvert Impact Capital’s existing work to more actively aggregate and facilitate capital for the benefit of stronger communities and a resilient planet. Calvert Impact Capital will continue to issue the Community Investment Note to its broad community of investors.

Yes. We have played the role of lead lender and administrative agent, both formally and informally, over the past five years. To-date, Calvert Impact has aggregated and/or administered over $550 million. Our Loan Administration team collectively has over 35 years of experience managing loan portfolios.

We continue to expand the base of lenders participating in our syndicated deals. Any suitable lenders interested in learning more about open deals can direct their inquiries to and can be added to our distribution list.