We measure what matters

The better we measure our impact, the more we can maximize it. That's why we develop impact rating tools customized for our work and align with industry-leading best practices.

Alignment to industry best practices

Robust impact measurement and management (IMM) practices are essential to our work, allowing us to assess and improve our social and environmental impact. We have adopted IMM best practice across our entire investment lifecycle, from initial strategy to exit and evaluation. The list below is illustrative of the best practices we have integrated into our investment processes. For detailed insight into our IMM methodology, be sure to check out our most recent Impact Management Disclosure and Verifier's Statement and our Impact Report.

IMM industry best practice

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our work contributes to 16 of the 17 SDGs.


Our entire impact management practice is aligned with IRIS+, the generally accepted system for measuring, managing, and optimizing impact, run by the GIIN. To learn more, read our IRIS+ Use Case.

Impact Principles

Calvert Impact Capital is a founding Signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management, a framework spearheaded at the IFC and adopted by 150 leading global impact investors. Signatories must integrate impact considerations into their entire investment lifecycle from deal sourcing to exit or repayment, and disclose their impact management practices on an annual basis.

To see how our impact measurement and management practices align to the Impact Principles, read our Impact Management Disclosure Statement.

Impact Frontiers

We participated in the first-ever Impact Frontiers cohort, a collaborative effort to integrate financial risk and return analysis with impact management practices. As part of this collaboration, we built a proprietary Impact Rating System, which we call our Impact Scorecard, and co-authored several resources to help other investors implement their own impact rating systems:

  • "How investors can integrate impact with financial management," in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
  • Handbook for Impact Investors, which details the impact-financial integration framework that was developed and implemented with the collaboration of 13 investors, features case studies from the investors, and serves as a "how-to" guide to developing an impact rating system.
  • Webinar with Impact Frontiers, introducing the approach and offering Calvert Impact Capital's impact rating system as an example

Impact Management Project (IMP)

We have implemented IMP's 5 dimensions of impact, which is also now aligned with IRIS+, across our portfolio and all impact metrics.

Find even more resources and insights into our Impact Measurement & Management practice in News & Resources.