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Calvert Impact releases its 2022 Impact Report

Nov 07, 2022 | Bethesda, MD

Calvert Impact announced the publication of its 2022 Impact Report, Responding to the Need for Transformative Change. The report showcases Calvert Impact's portfolio partners' work in communities around the globe and the impact of its investors' capital. It also highlights key internal trends, with particularly noteworthy increases in Calvert Impact's climate and small business portfolios.

"This report is a celebration of our investors and portfolio partners' remarkable work and demonstration of what's possible," said Calvert Impact President and CEO Jennifer Pryce. "It's inspiring to see the breadth and depth of impact that our investors help make possible."

In the last year, Calvert Impact's capital served more than 144 million individuals and 4.1 million small businesses across the US and in over 100 countries. They made $268 million in loans and investments into organizations that disbursed nearly $7 billion into communities over 2021.

The report demonstrates Calvert Impact's commitment to fighting climate change, noting that their climate-focused investments have grown over 380% over the last five years and accounted for 42% of total disbursed capital. The number of small and medium enterprises financed also increased substantially, with 414% growth from last year, reflecting Calvert Impact's dedication to supporting small businesses around the world. The jobs created and/or retained by their portfolio partners grew by 30%.

The report also shares the organization's focus—in both its portfolio and staff—on gender and racial equity as part of its efforts to address structural inequities and covers Calvert Impact's recent corporate expansion. Pryce noted that the organization is dedicated to constant iteration and improvement is "core to the character of Calvert Impact," stating in her CEO letter, "We remain committed to showing a different world is possible."

Additional information about the Impact Report can be found here.

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