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Ruma Bose

Ruma Bose


Ruma is Chief Growth Officer at Clearco (formerly Clearbanc), a Canadian unicorn and the world’s largest e-commerce investor where she has been a longtime advisor, venture partner and investor. Previously, Ruma was Managing Partner at Humanitarian Ventures, investing in high growth technology companies and leveraging their potential for the humanitarian sector.

Previously, Ruma was President of Chobani Ventures and Chobani Foundation, supporting organizations and entrepreneurs with a mission to make better food for more people and President of Tent Foundation, where she established it as one of the leading foundations working to end the global refugee crisis. Ruma has held several executive positions and is a mentor to young entrepreneurs and civic leaders.

Ruma co-authored the international bestselling book, “Mother Teresa, CEO” which was translated into eight languages.

She is a member of the Young President’s Organization, is an advisor to the Soros Economic Development Fund and is active in the World Economic Forum as an advisor to its Humanitarian Investing Initiative and as a member of its Expert Network.

Ruma’s work has been featured in publications including The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, NY Times, Financial Times, LA Times, Business Insider and Bloomberg.

Ruma Bose