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Banco Atlantida is a private, regulated, deposit taking bank in Honduras. It is the second largest bank in Honduras. The bank has a privileged business position as the leader in financing primary agribusiness production and its associated value chains. The bank is also recognized for helping clients adopt sustainable practices to reduce water waste, as well as to promote environmentally friendly productive practices, thereby contributing to the adaptation to climate change. Banco Atlántida holds the largest portfolio in agribusiness within the banking landscape, , which is regarded as an engine of job creation employing about one million people in Honduras. The use of funds is exclusively earmarked for companies holding an eligible sustainability certification in particular: Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and ASC.

Honduras is the largest coffee producer in Central America, third largest in Latin America and fifth largest globally; coffee producers are facing increased production costs to prevent coffee rust and declining international coffee prices. Banco Atlántida holds the second largest portfolio in the coffee sector. The effect of coffee production on Honduran society goes beyond the sector itself, as the revenues generated serve as a catalyst for the development of infrastructure and as a mechanism for the integration of indigenous communities into the national economy.

On the environmental side, the forest-like conditions of the shade-grown coffee production systems in Honduras generate a wealth of positive ecological dynamics, including increased bird habitat, soil protection/erosion control, carbon sequestration, natural pest control, and improved pollination, making such systems vital for conservation initiatives. This loan targets climate-smart coffee production implementing sustainable practices that increase productivity, enhance resilience to climate risk, and reduce or remove greenhouse gases. Supporting the agribusiness sector leader is also expected to have a demonstration effect, leading the financial sector to continue increasing access-to-finance for sustainable agricultural practices to support Honduras in remaining competitive, while preserving the country’s biodiversity. A higher share of certified production has a positive impact in terms of the sustainable use of natural resources, equitable working conditions and biodiversity conservation throughout the production process.

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