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Community Investment Management LLC ("CIM")

Community Investment Management LLC ("CIM") is an institutional impact investment manager which provides strategic debt capital to demonstrate and scale responsible innovation in lending for underserved communities. CIM seeks to deliver positive social impact by partnering with innovative credit providers offering responsible and transparent financial solutions to underserved communities.

Featured Impact Story

Impact Story

CircleUp, a California-based financial technology company

One of CIM’s clients is CircleUp, a California-based financial technology company focused on a data-driven approach to funding consumer packaged goods companies. CIM created an exclusive partnership with CircleUp to expand its funding solutions for small businesses beyond equity and start providing a short duration accounts receivable backed loan at a competitively lower cost of capital for its borrowers. This approach is innovative in the US small business lending market and brings added benefits to both borrowers and investors. Pop & Bottle, founded by Blair Fletcher and Jash Mehta, is one of the many businesses that has benefited from CircleUp. Pop & Bottle manufactures plant-rich ready to drink superfood lattes. Consumers are drawn to the creamy smooth texture and the all-natural organic ingredients including almonds, dates, turmeric, and cacao. With the help of CircleUp financing, Pop & Bottle is ideally positioned to capitalize on its current momentum and scale its distribution footprint.

Learn more about Pop & Bottle here.

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