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Criterion African Partners (Africa Sustainable Forestry Fund II)

Criterion Africa Partners is a private equity firm established by the team responsible for Global Environment Fund's Africa Sustainable Forestry investment program.

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Criterion Africa Partners

The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment and Global Environment Fund are strategic partners. Investors include foundations, family offices, and prominent Development Finance Institutions. Criterion invests in Sub-Saharan Africa across the forestry value chain including plantation rehabilitation, production of building materials and biomass energy generation. Calvert Impact Capital invested in the Africa Sustainable Forestry Fund (the “Fund”), which is managed by Criterion Africa Partners. The Fund invests in Sub-Saharan Africa Greenfield plantations, existing plantations, natural forest concessions, forest products processing and manufacturing facilities and biomass cogeneration facilities. The Fund’s goal is to generate long-term capital appreciation through its investments in forestlands and forestry-related activities in that region. Criterion Africa Partners was formerly known as the Global Environment Fund, originally established in 1990 as a global alternative asset manager which invests in businesses around the world that provide cost-effective solutions to environmental and energy challenges.

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Environmental Sustainability


Sub-Saharan Africa


Gabon, Ghana, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda

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