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EcoEnterprises Partners II

EcoEnterprises Fund is a venture fund providing the growth capital that small community-based sustainable companies need to achieve scale and generate lasting results that can help address the critical environmental and social challenges of our time.

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After a decade of experience, EcoEnterprises Fund has launched its second fund, EcoEnterprises Partners II, which seeks investments that work to protect vital ecosystems, provide alternative livelihoods for local people and bring social and economic benefits to the rural poor. EcoE2's portfolio companies help offset biodiversity loss through habitat conservation, reforestation efforts and sustainable use of natural resources. All investments ensure safe and equitable working conditions for their employees, support fair-trade certification for local suppliers, provide training and opportunities for income diversification and build strong working relationships with surrounding communities. EcoE2 has already helped to preserve over 7 million acres of land, generate 4,456 jobs and support 21,000 suppliers worldwide. After reaching $30 million in committed capital, EcoE2 is actively pursuing future deals through participation in industry gatherings throughout Central and South America and dynamic networking. These efforts have generated a solid flow of opportunities, with more than 30 promising companies currently in process, review, or follow up.

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Environmental Sustainability
Sustainable Agriculture


Central America & Caribbean, South America


Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

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