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Greenline Ventures Small Business Capital Fund III

Greenline Ventures’ third Small Business Capital Fund (SBCF III) with Calvert Impact builds upon the success of our two previous SBCF Investment Funds that aim to provide loans to underserved small businesses throughout the United States. SBCF III leverages the New Markets Tax Credit (“NMTC”) program to provide small businesses with financing that is flexible and patient as it relates to collateral, security requirements, amortization, recourse, covenants, and interest rates/fees. Greenline's impact objectives for SBCF III include job creation and training programs for low-income workers, enhanced benefits packages, minority or women ownership, and reductions in environmental impacts.

Calvert Impact has been working with Greenline Ventures, a financial services company that specializes in capital markets solutions for economic development activities nationwide, since they launched the first SBCF in 2016. Greenline’s mission is to improve the flow of capital into underserved communities and motivate market rate capital to invest in community priorities. Since 2004, they have invested over $2.5 billion in businesses and projects throughout the country.

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