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MicroVest + Plus

MicroVest + Plus was launched on October 1, 2011 as a follow-on fund to MicroVest I, LP. The fund seeks to (i) deliver risk-adjusted returns to investors; and (ii) promote development impact by supporting the expansion of financial services to those segments of the population with limited access through provision of flexible capital products from the Fund to Low Income Financial Institutions (“LIFIs”) globally. The fund may also invest in financial intermediaries such as equity funds or other investment vehicles that invest in LIFIs. It is simply structured with two classes of investors – Noteholders and Limited Partners – and available only to accredited investors. MV+ Plus is managed by MicroVest Capital Management, a SEC-registered asset management firm offering global impact investment opportunities.

For over 15 years, MicroVest has promoted financial inclusion by investing in responsible financial institutions that serve underbanked people and businesses. The firm has demonstrated that investing in its funds is purposeful and profitable, providing investors with stable and uncorrelated returns that are socially responsible. Since inception, MicroVest has disbursed over $1 billion to more than 200 financial institutions in over 60 countries. As of March 2019, MicroVest managed $343 million across all its funds and 9.6 million active borrowers.

Calvert Impact Capital has been working with MicroVest since we made a $500,000 investment in their first fund in 2004. We made this investment to provide capital to microfinance institutions around the globe, as well as to grow MicroVest’s capacity as an impact fund manager in the financial inclusion sector. Since then, we have invested in all five of the funds MicroVest currently manages and have been a catalyst to help scale their current assets under management, attract key institutional investment, and SUSTAIN their core operations.

“Calvert Impact Capital was an early partner in getting MicroVest off the ground and helping us grow as an impact fund manager,” says MicroVest’s CEO, Gil Crawford. He continues, “Calvert Impact Capital’s ability to democratize access to impact investing has ripple effects for firms like ours. My mother was a school teacher who invested with Calvert Impact Capital for over a decade. I had no idea until after she passed away. Calvert Impact Capital’s Community Investment Note program makes it possible for mission-driven people like my mother to invest in impact at any dollar amount. When these small investments are pooled together, they reach firms like ours, helping us further scale our operations and achieve our social impact goals.”

Throughout the years, MicroVest has grown to be one of our key strategic partners and is a prime example of how we help financial intermediaries grow and scale.

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