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Property Assessed Clean Energy financing, or PACE financing, is low cost capital used to make energy efficiency improvements to commercial buildings – office, multifamily, senior housing, hospitality, retail and others. The improvements typically include efficient HVAC, lighting, windows, roofing, and seismic support (where applicable), as well as renewable energy such as solar. Once the improvements are complete, the building owner or developer gradually repays the PACE financing over a term of 20 to 30 years.

PACE Equity provides this innovative source of financing for building modernization, redevelopment, or ground-up new construction. Funding up to 25% of the capital stack, PACE Equity’s capital is long-term, fixed-rate, and non-recourse. PACE Equity provides end to end execution for building owners and developers with its Fast Track™ Funding process which leverages in-house energy engineering expertise to optimize the funding potential of every project. On average, PACE Equity’s projects have reduced energy and operations costs by $1 per square foot, a 50% improvement over baseline conditions.

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Impact Story

Complex Capital Stacks

PACE Equity Works in Complex Capital Stacks

For a downtown building rehab in Omaha’s historic district, PACE Equity funded 14% of the sizable $72.5 million rehab. The owner saved on capital costs, operating costs, and energy costs thanks to PACE Equity’s unique process, expertise and singular skills. PACE Equity’s energy expertise demonstrated that more than $10M in savings will be realized over the term of the investment. PACE Equity’s low cost solution will help to maximize the return on equity for investors.

Impact Story

End to End Execution


PACE Equity Provides End to End Execution

Beyond contributing capital, PACE Equity offers a Fast Track™ Funding process – a comprehensive process that creates a seamless and streamlined path to funding by leveraging PACE Equity’s in-house energy engineering expertise and financial experience. For the construction of a Cambria Hotel in Detroit, PACE Equity funded $7 million of the capital stack and provided additional value by managing the entire life cycle of the funding process.

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