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Founded in 1989, Jonathan Rose Companies (“Rose”) is one of the country’s leading developers and investors in sustainable, affordable, and mixed-income multi-family real estate. Over the past nearly 30 years, Rose has completed approximately $2.0 billion in development, investment, and project management work, including the development and acquisition of more than 5,000 affordable and mixed income multifamily housing units.

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Pictured above: 397 kW solar PV system installed at St. Mary's Villa, located in Newark, NJ.

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Rose Solar

Rose Solar, the solar development subsidiary of Rose Companies Holdings LLC, is the codeveloper of the Rose Solar I LLC, along with NHT Renewable. NHT Renewable was established by the National Housing Trust in 2014 to develop and operate solar systems on top of affordable housing across the country. Since its inception, NHT RE has partnered with other housing owners to successfully design, finance, and install over 5 MW of solar power on affordable housing properties across multiple states.

Rose Solar and NHT RE have partnered to codevelop Rose Solar I LLC, a $2.9 million renewable energy financing deal that funds the installation of 0.96 megawatts of solar systems on six affordable housing projects in the Northeast US. The affordable housing projects will sign 20-year Energy Services Agreements to access low cost, discounted green power which ultimately will generate additional cash flow enabling the properties to provide additional benefits and services to residents.


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