We invest in education to enhance the economic and social potential for students in under-resourced communities

Now more than ever, it is clear that quality education and childcare contributes to the economic and social success of students and their families, and is thus an essential component of any healthy community. By investing in organizations, projects, and funds that work to improve access to affordable, quality education for low-income students, we support the tremendous potential of the students in these communities.

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Financed by our borrower Wildflower, the Boston-area Roxbury Roots is the dream of its founders, Renee Jolley and Kendall Allen. It grew from a small, home-based program, and now Roxbury Roots will be able to serve more families as it opens a beautiful, community-embedded microschool in the heart of the Roxbury neighborhood. Roxbury Roots is an Afrocentric school that honors the passions and interests of young students, seeking to expose children to languages, including American Sign Language and Kiswahili, and positive images of people from the Black diaspora, to instill a sense of pride and empowerment in their students.