2020 Investor Survey

2020 Investor Survey Results

NEW! We just launched our 2022 Impact Investing Survey and would love to hear from you. Read more about our 2020 survey findings below.

Every two years, we conduct an investor survey to better understand the motivations of our investor base, the challenges they face in investing for impact, and how we can serve them better. This survey is intended not only to inform our work, but also to provide feedback that the entire impact investing industry can utilize. More than 700 people responded to the 2020 survey, revealing 5 key findings:

  1. Our investors are diverse across age, gender, wealth, and income.

  2. They invest to mitigate climate change, build equity, and create opportunity.

  3. COVID-19 has catalyzed many investors to invest for impact.

  4. Investors want more accessible products and information so they can invest more of their portfolio for impact.

  5. The Community Investment Note® is a gateway to impact investing.

These findings are instructive for us, and we hope also for investors, financial advisors, wealth managers, and impact investing practitioners. Download the infographic and read the Top 5 Takeaways from our 2020 Investor Survey for more insights.

Investor Infographic

An overview of the diversity and motivations of our investor community.

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2020 investor

Top 5 Takeaways

Blog discussing key findings from the survey and insights into our investor base.

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