We invest to increase access to quality, affordable healthcare to enable individuals and families to learn, work, and thrive

Access to quality, affordable healthcare is a universally acknowledged human right. A lack of access prevents individuals from being healthy, productive members of society and stymies community and economic development. Many countries lack the physical infrastructure necessary for adequate health services delivery and have less than one physician available for every 1,000 individuals. Because of this, healthcare continues to be a top concern globally, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are focused on providing greater access to debt capital for organizations seeking to grow their capacity to provide quality, affordable health services to lower and middle income populations. We invest in intermediaries and funds that are financing healthcare projects and facilities around the world.

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Central City Concern dancing-nurses

Central City Concern staff are working on the front lines of this unprecedented public health crisis, delivering compassionate care to individuals who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19.