We invest to improve access to finance so individuals around the world can meet their household and business needs

Around three billion people around the world have little or no access to formal financial services, yet financial services are one of the most powerful tools for consumer and household finance and enabling economic growth. Microfinance seeks to provide individuals and businesses with access to useful and affordable financial products and services, often offering products that extend beyond microcredit. Supporting micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses, those that form the foundation of economies around the world, is now more important than ever. While many micro-enterprises are hurting as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns, these same businesses will ultimately form the basis of a strong economic and social recovery.

While the microfinance market has matured and can often access capital from traditional sources, we believe that there are still ways our capital can increase financial inclusion for people living in poverty through innovations that leverage existing platforms. We invest in microfinance institutions that engage in innovation in 1) financial products, 2) services and processes, which can include credit, insurance, payment systems, savings, and 3) financial education.

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