EIFC Collaborators

Calvert Impact Capital's Senior Officer of Impact & Communications Caitlin Rosser with fellow Impact Frontier collaborators, a group of impact investors pioneering new ways of integrating impact alongside financial risk and return in impact investment practices.

How investors can integrate impact with financial management, in SSIR

Calvert Impact Capital is one of the 13 impact investing firms that make up the Impact Frontiers Collaboration, a group led by the Impact Management Project that supports investors to pioneer new ways to integrate impact alongside financial risk and return in investment practices. We have been an initial collaborator since the group was started in 2018, and are pleased to announce a new publication outlining a best practice that will push the industry forward in terms of optimizing impact and financial returns.

The Collaboration has developed four steps to help investors integrate impact with financial considerations in their decision making. It could change the way investors around the world allocate capital to achieve financial, social, and environmental goals. Check out the article recently published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Read the article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

June 2020 Update: See the Investor Handbook on Impact-Financial Integration, which outlines the impact-financial integration methods that were developed and implemented with the Collaboration.