Impact Measurement & Management Primer for Faith Investors

Calvert Impact Capital is excited to share our new publication: "An Impact Measurement & Management Primer for Faith Investors: A how-to guide for faith institutions on measuring and managing the impact of their portfolios."

Today, faith investors are increasingly committed to aligning their investment strategies with their faith values to create a better world through their portfolio choices. How an investor measures and tracks these commitments, as well as their impact, is a critical component of impact investing.

This primer is designed for institutional faith investors who not only want to incorporate impact into their portfolios, but also want to learn best practices for how to integrate impact measurement and management (IMM) into their processes. The primer breaks IMM down into easily accessible language and actionable steps, offers practical impact examples and IMM tools, and includes a downloadable impact report template.

We hope our new primer demystifies the practice of impact measurement and management and encourages faith investors to develop an active IMM practice, no matter where they are in their impact journeys.

Download the primer to learn more.

This publication is a companion piece in a series of resources that we have developed to help faith investors along their impact investing journeys, including: “Advancing Faith Values Through Impact Investing: A Short Guide for Faith Investors and their Financial Professionals,” which introduces faith institutions to the concept of impact investing, and “Building an Impactful Faith Portfolio: A Foundational Guide to Impact Investing for Faith Institutions,” which guides faith institutions through a process of developing an Impact Strategy and incorporating impact into their portfolios and diligence process.

We hope that our series of practical guides will encourage and inspire faith investors to position their portfolios to advance a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. We welcome inquiries, feedback, and collaboration. Visit our Faith page for more information.

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