The 2021-2023 Advisory Board for the Operating Principles for Impact Management.

CEO Jenn Pryce elected to Impact Principles Advisory Board for second term

We are pleased to announce that our CEO Jenn Pryce has been elected to the Advisory Board of the Operating Principles for Impact Management for a second term. Jenn has served on the Advisory Board since Calvert Impact Capital became a Signatory in 2019, and we are delighted that she will continue her leadership role in this important industry initiative.

The Operating Principles for Impact Management (Impact Principles) are a set of impact management best practices designed to promote impact integrity and increase transparency in reporting. The Impact Principles aim to provide a common market standard to evaluate an asset manager’s impact management processes. To-date, over 130 leading global impact investors across 30+ countries have adopted them. Importantly, Signatories commit to disclosing their impact measurement and management (IMM) practices annually and submit their practices for periodic independent verification, ensuring accurate and transparent disclosures and mitigating against impact washing. Calvert Impact Capital has already released two annual Disclosure Statements and our IMM practices were independently verified by BlueMark in 2020.

Over the past two years, the Advisory Board has overseen outreach to new signatories to expand the adoption of the Impact Principles globally, supported the launch of the Joint Impact Indicators, and developed implementation guidance for disclosure and verification. Jenn brings a critical senior voice to the Advisory Board, remaining focused on ensuring the Impact Principles continue to be a useful tool for investors and fund managers alike. Jenn has demonstrated her leadership as a member of the Advisory Board, having shared her insights on how the Impact Principles have pushed the impact investing industry forward with IFC Insights, as well as moderating a panel on Trends and Opportunities to Impact Investing.

Amid a rapidly changing global environment, we believe that increased clarity around impact measurement and management remains critical. The Impact Principles are essential to creating a foundation for growth in any environment, ensuring that impact investing can reach the scale demanded of it by our global challenges. We are glad the Impact Principles will continue to benefit from Jenn’s leadership.

To learn more about the Impact Principles and Calvert Impact Capital’s impact practices, visit our Impact Management Insights page.