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Improvements to Our Online Investing Experience

Calvert Impact Capital is dedicated to making impact investing accessible and easy for a diverse range of investors and to that end, we always seek to improve upon our investor experience. Today, we are excited to unveil new updates to our online investment platform, which are created to do just that. These updates were designed in response to feedback from investors and we are grateful for your engagement. We look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to improve your online platform experience:

Combine Multiple Transactions into a Single Community Investment Note: Reinvestment transactions that occur on the same day – and are reinvested at the same rate and term – will now be combined into a single Note.

For example, an investor with a Note maturity and interest payment occurring on the same day who selects to reinvest both for the same rate and term, will have one new Note created for the total amount, rather than two Notes for each amount. When the investor chooses to “view details” on the new Note, they can see both transactions in the details. This allows interest payments of less than $20 to be combined with other transactions for reinvestment, as long as they sum to $20 or more.

Example: Investor reinvests a $1,800 principal and a $9 interest payment at the same rate and term will now have a $1,809 Note created, with transactions noted as:


Account Summary: In addition to current account balance and recent transactions, investors can now access their most recent documents from their online account landing page.


Payment Preferences: Investors can set their default payment preferences for future principal maturities and interest payments. Both can now be set to (1) reinvest into a new Note, or (2) repay to a bank account or via check, or (3) donate to Calvert Impact Capital. Investors can always provide different instructions for upcoming transactions. Any changes to the default payment preferences will affect the default for future transactions but will not change the status of any upcoming transactions within the next 45 days.


Communication Preferences: Investors can now go completely paperless by opting into email communications. Additionally, investors can now sign up for our monthly newsletter within their online account.


We are delighted to share these new online platform improvements with our investors and welcome any thoughts and feedback. Additionally, if you have yet to access your online account, please contact us at for instructions to log in. Thank you for investing to build a more equitable and sustainable world.